Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Magnify Your Calling

One of our great ladies gave me a copy of this poem by Reva Henretty (1908-1955) and the encouragement of which is speaks is as needed today as when it was written.  As we near a New Year it brings to mind some questions.   What is your calling?  Do you have a clear idea of the work the Lord would have you do, or is the whole concept of calling like a cloudy thought?  In what ways has God gifted you?  What brings your heart joy?  When can you sense God's smile on your life?  Here's the poem:

Magnify Your Calling

Heeding your calling, O my children,
There are tasks for each of you;
Work that falls within your talents,
There is much that you can do.

It may be in lowly places
I have greatest need for you;
Do not hesitate to work there.
You'll be blessed if you do.

Cast aside the things of darkness,
Follow ways of truth and light;
Look tell me for daily guidance,
I will keep you in my sight.

Search for me among the highlands,
I'll be waiting for you there;
Bet you might have greater wisdom,
Seek divinity, in prayer.

Always work with courage, smiling;
Ever reach beyond your grasp,
Climbing higher, higher daily;
I can lighten every task.

When at last your work is ended up,
and I meet you face to face;
I will find you in my haven,
blesses and saved by Jesus' grace.

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